Ga process

Ga-68 for Beginners

One day workshop on how to start a GMP Ga–68 manufacturing service

Edinburgh, Friday 7th June 2019

University of Edinburgh

Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's building

On-site registration from 09:15

What will be discussed:

  • Factors to consider when buying a Ge-68/Ga-68 generator (including risk assessments)
  • How do I procure a Ga-68/Ge-68 generator? From which supplier? What size of generator
  • Which radiopharmaceuticals can I produce?
    Do I buy a synthesis module, or use kits to manufacture Ga-68 products?
  • What other equipment do I need (HPLC, LAL testing, hot cell/isolator, etc)?
    Do I need to consider any modifications to my current equipment?
  • How many staff do I need to start a Ga-68 project?
  • How do I establish a training programme for the staff involved?
  • How do I write an SOP(s) for Ga-68 manufacturing?
  • How can Ga-68 manufacturing affect my radiopharmacy’s QMS (quality management system)?
  • How do I implement a validation plan for each aspect of Ga-68 work?
  • How do I elute a generator? What tests do I do on the eluate?
  • How do I manufacture a Ga-68 radiopharmaceuticals with a synthesis module? What can go wrong?
  • What quality control steps do I take after manufacture of Ga-68 radiopharmaceuticals?
  • When is a Ga-68 radiopharmaceutical ready for parametric or full release?


  • Delegates: £150/person
  • Exhibitors: £650 for a display and up to three people
  • Evening dinner (delegates and exhibitors): £50/person

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